Christian Review Magazine Issue 3 - March 2015 - Page 45

THEY not necessarily a congregational worship album.” The album’s opener “We Are Yours” is a jubilant celebration of our relationship with God that showcases Stephanie’s distinctive vocals along with the band’s powerful harmonies. That continues throughout the album on such potent songs as the infectious “Awake My Love” and the tender ballad “Here’s My Heart.” “Over and Over” is a standout cut that was inspired by a girl named Alicia who helped lead Adam to Christ. “She intervened in my life perfectly and on the exact right day and it changed my eternity,” says Adam. “I was intending to carry out the final deed [suicide] that very day and God sent this young girl who just loved fearlessly and was brave and she spoke worth and life into me and it got my attention. It grabbed my heart.” God is opening new doors for I AM THEY and the band is walking through prayerfully and expectantly. “It feels like as we’ve gone on this journey and we’ve walked into places we never thought we would walk into,” adds Matt. “I just feel like God has called us to just hold that standard in John 17. Just like in that prayer as He’s saying, ‘Set them apart and make them holy,’ God challenges us along the way to hold that line and to hold that standard up. It’s a privilege for us as a band to do that, to look a little different, to try and really stand out as followers of Christ. We want to let the words from our lips and let our actions and our character stand out among whatever church we walk into or wherever we might be. And that’s our goal--- to really let people see Christ in the band, not just to look like a band, but look like disciples.” CHRISTIANREVIEW.COM > 45