Christian Review Magazine Issue 3 - March 2015 - Page 44

talent, the band began making a name for itself. They opened for Matthew West, Chris August, Todd Agnew, Bebo Norman, Brandon Heath, Big Daddy Weave and others. A pivotal step in I AM THEY’S career came when they entered a battle of the bands competition being held during the Spirit West Coast festival. Much to their surprise, they won. “God just kept opening these doors for us,” says Adam. “In front of the main stage right before TobyMac went on, they announced that I AM THEY had won the whole competition out of seventy-three bands. The prize was $500 to get to Nashville and have a song produced by Billy Smiley from Whiteheart. We also earned a spot to play on next year’s main stage. We were excited and thankful for the opportunity, but $500 was not near enough to get us from Nevada all the way over to Tennessee. So we had a fund raiser concert and through our community’s support, got all six of us to Nashville.” Once in the studio working with Smiley, the veteran producer was so impressed with the band’s sound and their hearts that he began sharing their music with friends in the industry. Soon after I AM THEY was fielding offers from several record companies and opted to sign with Provident Music Group. Produced by Jason Ingram and Jonathan Smith, I 44 > CHRISTIAN REVIEW MAGAZINE I AM AM THEY’S debut album is a finely crafted effort that spotlights the band’s skilled musicianship and showcases Stephanie, Adam, and Matt’s individuals strengths as vocalists. The collection of songs also draws from the band members’ diverse musical influences which include Nickel Creek, Alison Krauss, John Mayer and Brooke Fraser. Their unique blend of folk-tinged pop with soaring harmonies and insightful lyrics puts them on the cutting edge of today’s Christian music landscape. In writing songs for their debut, the members put a great deal of thought and heart into what they wanted to convey. “Mike Weaver from Big Daddy Weave said we were like a fire hose of creativity and needed to hone that in and point it in one direction,” Matt shares. “We’ve been told that we have a lot of stories in our band meaning testimonies of Christian life. The six of us have had kind of a rough up bringing. There’s broken families, just some dark things that God has rescued us from so I think those things naturally poured themselves out into these songs. There are songs of rescue. There are songs of adoration. There’s worship in the album, but to me it’s