Christian Review Magazine Issue 3 - March 2015 - Page 42

T here’s no more powerful instrument for praising God and celebrating His majesty than the human voice. Where compelling voices intersect with a passion for spreading the gospel is where you’ll find I AM THEY, a gifted young band from Carson City, Nevada that is redefining discipleship for today’s generation. “We were made to do this. Music ministry is our heartbeat and pulse,” says lead vocalist/guitarist Adam Palmer. “God has been growing dreams in us we didn’t even realize we had. We are just trusting God and following where He leads.” 42 > CHRISTIAN REVIEW MAGAZINE The six-member band includes Adam Palmer on lead vocals and guitar, Matthew Hein on lead vocals and guitar and Stephanie Kulla on lead vocals, Justin Shinn on keys, Bobby Stiehler on bass, and Sara Palmer on drums. Together they’ve forged an organic sound that is fresh and inventive musically while serving up songs that are easily embraced in a corporate setting yet have the personal feel of one heart crying out to the Father. Matt. “There’s great testimony of salvation in one form or another in all of our lives so we are lifting up those celebrations. We had to have a song that was getting excited about what God has done in our souls everlasting, the eternal part of us. Some of the lyrics came out of Revelation 21 speaking of heaven where brilliant light is all around and it says there’s no need for a sun because Jesus Himself takes the place of that shining light.” I AM THEY’S debut single, “From the Day,” is a buoyant anthem that is quickly gaining the band a national audience. “‘From the Day’ is a salvation celebration song,” says The members of I AM THEY came from different churches in Carson City, NV, but met through Solomon’s Porch, a regular worship event that brings together believers from all I AM