Christian Review Magazine Issue 3 - March 2015 - Page 41

Photo: Courtesy of Dream Records "I'm such a huge fan of film and there is nothing more gratifying than getting to mix music and film. I've been honored to work with incredible people for my videos and I can't wait to continue" After the release of The White Room and The White Room (Deluxe Edition) Thulin saw critical acclaim as his two singles, “Dead Come To Life (feat. Charmaine)” and “Architecture” surged to the top of the Billboard Christian Hot AC / CHR chart both staying no. 1 for multiple weeks respectively. "Going #1 not only once but twice was something that I never expected. I just sit and write music alone and it's so humbling when the world relates to what you have written." With a new album Science Fiction, which comes out March 17th, JT really pushes the envelope on his creative passions mixing hip hop, pop, adult contemporary and many other genres into an amazingly epic mixture of music. “This album was different for me. I didn’t strategically write songs as I usually would, I just wrote what I felt in complete honesty. My hope is that this music will transcend beyond people’s ears and into their hearts. God is a big part of who I am and all I want is for that to shine through my music.” Jonathan Thulin’s new album SCIENCE FICTION gets released March 17, 2015. - READ OUR REVIEW - CHRISTIANREVIEW.COM > 41