Christian Review Magazine Issue 3 - March 2015 - Page 40

FEATURED ARTIST JONATHAN “What the world is searching for is something tangible, and there is nothing more tangible than the irrefutable love of Jesus Christ.” Jonathan Thulin onathan Thulin is an artist/songwriter based out of Nashville, TN. Originally from Sweden, “JT”, as his fans call him, brings a unique musical approach to many different genres. Singing since he was very little, Jonathan says “Music was always my passion, is my passion and will always be my passion”. Jonathan gained recognition for his creative take on the music video medium by releasing “Babylon” in 2011, “Bombs Away (feat. Rachael Lampa)” in 2012 and “Dead Come To Life (feat. Charmaine)” in 2013 and has been creatively intertwining his music with cinema ever since. 40 > CHRISTIAN REVIEW MAGAZINE