Christian Review Magazine Issue 3 - March 2015 - Page 39

talented team of other filmmakers) and produced a film that would go on to touch many hearts and lives. overwhelmed. Yes, I had studied filmmaking in college and had made many short films through the ministry, but never anything of this scale. I began seeking the Lord and praying for wisdom and direction. And then I called my brother, Jeremy. Jeremy is and has always been my partner in crime. Growing up, we put on plays in our backyard together and made horribly cheesy movies with the family camcorder. As we grew older, we began to put our talents to work and wrote and produced documentaries, short films, commercials, television shows and musicals together. I knew if I was going to write a feature film, I needed Jeremy. We prayed together at the beginning of every single writing session and then after only two short months, Jeremy and I presented the idea for Summer Snow. We pitched the idea by reading several selections from the script and then waited for a response. At first everyone was quiet and then all of a sudden smiles broke out around the room. They loved it. AFA was totally onboard! Next thing we knew, we had a producer and a budget and things were really starting to happen. The entire process was surreal. Then Jeremy and I were asked to co-direct the film. Let me be completely honest. We were probably not the best or most logical choice for the position. Neit