Christian Review Magazine Issue 3 - March 2015 - Page 37

(as I would soon come to discover) had made judgments about all of western civilization from the films they’d seen. I had one student ask me if life in America was like American Pie, an absolutely horrendous film about four teenage boys who enter a pact to lose their virginity by prom night. They were all shocked to discover that I didn’t drink, smoke or believe in having sex outside of marriage. They asked me repeatedly, “Are you sure you’re an American?” secretly behind the scenes directing my decisions in ways I could not see. While at Asbury University, I developed a passion for using the medium of film to communicate the gospel and I was given many helpful tools and opportunities along the way. It was then that I realized how powerful movies can be. Suddenly, it dawned on me that if someone became a filmmaker who told stories that point people to Jesus, they could be a missionary to the entire world. Movies go places people cannot. Movies can go into locked countries with closed doors, into prisons and into the homes of presidents and world leaders. All of a sudden, I had a total new appreciation for filmmaking. But I had no idea what God had planned. One of those opportunities led me to Beijing, China to work as a media liaison at the 2008 Summer Olympics. While I was there, I worked with several Chinese students who loved western films. They had seen them all and sadly The very next summer, I had just graduated from Asbury and was spending a month doing mission work in Israel. At this point, I was still set on foreign missions in the traditional sense. I was drawn to the idea of travel and somehow Kendra and Jeremy with Rachel Eggleston (Hallie in Summer Snow) Photo: Canada Burkhalter had done very well. But what really surprised me was how my stories affected those who read them. I started to understand the power of story telling to move an audience and I thought, “Why not move them toward Christ?” By the time I started college, I was still searching for direction. I enrolled at a school five minutes from my home and picked the major of media communications based on my brother’s recommendation that the classes would be “fun.” But God was CHRISTIANREVIEW.COM > 37