Christian Review Magazine Issue 3 - March 2015 - Page 34

feel good, Christian film that would inspire people to trust in their faith to make a positive difference in the world around them. CR: In Pass The Light, the main character, Steve Bellafiore, steps up and lives out his faith in real ways. Do you hope Pass The Light will serve as an encouragement for youth to do likewise? MG: Yes I do. I think in order to live your faith in a real way you have to be able to look at life and people in a real way. Living in the information age it’s hard to shelter our youth from many of the realities of the world that we as adults want to protect them from. It’s only a matter of time before they’re eventually affected by it and are aware of it so we cannot be afraid to discuss these issues with them. So many young people have come up to us after the film with an understanding and awareness of how to deal with the issues raised in our film. The film encourages the youth to use their voice and if they all come together for whatever cause they believe in, their voices will be heard. CR: As I mentioned before, Pass the Light is a powerful movie. Have you heard/read any stories about how it has impacted, challenged, or changed lives? 34 > CHRISTIAN REVIEW MAGAZINE MG: There have been so many stories shared with us. We have testimonials given to us on our FB page, email account, and even directly on camera. We had teachers in Brooklyn NY bring the Pass The Light campaign to life in their schools by having their students write positive notes to each other once a month. Some schools put up Pass The Light bulletin boards similar to the one in our film where student writes words of encouragement to one another and post it. The writer and co producer of the film Victor Hawks did a inspiring radio interview with Pastor Ed Boston on his podcast and wow, what the Pastor shared with Victor and the audience after watching the film moved me to tears. CR: We at Christian Review loved Pass The Light! How has the response been from other critics and viewers towards the movie? MG:The majority of the reviews have been incredible. Especially from reviewers familiar with the genre. Viewer’s reactions have been mind blowing. We’ve gotten dozens of standing ovations in packed houses across the country and people have shared their positive feelings about the film all over social media. CR: You are starring in the upcoming TV Show, iZombie. Obviously the show is about zombies... what is your role in that show? MG: I play Clive Babineaux who's a rookie homicide detective trying earn his first collar. The show is based off of a DC/Vertigo Comic book with the same name and premieres on the CW March 17th (2015). CR: Can you tell us if you have any other faith-based projects planned? MG: We are developing some more through our Vision Vehicle Faith division. CR: Any last words? MG: Thank you so much for supporting our film. We are a small film with very few resources so the support from you and your readers mean the world to us. Thank you all for passing your light to us. Pass the Light is currently showing in select theaters across the U.S.A. READ OUR REVIEW