Christian Review Magazine Issue 3 - March 2015 - Page 33

after for acting at SUNY Purchase, I had produced and directed a ton of indie commercials, music videos and public service announcements. CR: What drew you to direct and produce Pass The Light? MG: The script is what drew me to it. I loved the story and its message of inclusion and universal love. CR: Pass The Light is without doubt a powerful Christian movie. In what way does this movie reflect your own faith? MG: I grew up in a Baptist church which I realized in retrospect was very progressive. Our church welcomed everyone no matter what your race, sex, creed, or sexual orientation. Growing up in my neighborhood in NYC I didn't see a lot of discrimination that exist in the world so when I would leave my neighborhood and see discrimination on the streets in another church it was a culture shock for me. Despite growing up and eventually being discriminated against and seeing people I love and care about endure similar experiences, I could never feel that way against another person because my faith is fueled by love and acceptance which is the overall thesis of Pass The Light. CR: Pass The Light deals with a number of current and sensitive issues/hot topics including bullying, homosexuality, judging others, unemployment, and brokenness. Was it your intention t