Christian Review Magazine Issue 3 - March 2015 - Page 32

malcolm GOODWIN M alcolm Goodwin is a busy man these days. As well as starring in numerous TV shows and movies, including the upcoming CW show iZombie, he directed the newly released Christian movie, Pass The Light. We spoke to him about his career and faith. Christian Review (CR): How did you get into the movie/TV industry? Malcolm Goodwin (MG): I got into the movie and TV industry by first studying acting in high school and working on the stage. When I was in the 11th grade a talent manager came to a school play I was in and afterwards gave me her card for a meeting. I met with her and started auditioning for film and television projects thereafter. CR: Many people may have seen you in TV Shows/movies (Breakout Kings, the upcoming show iZombie, etc). What they 32 > CHRISTIAN REVIEW MAGAZINE may not know is that you are also a director/producer. How did you transition from an actor in front of the camera, to being the man behind the camera? MG: The transition to working behind the camera happened after I graduated from high school. Although I was accepted into several colleges for acting I turned down those opportunities and did an internship at a post production film studio in NYC for 2 years. It was an opportunity to be hands on from day one in the process of completing a film project from inception to completion. Before eventually going to college years