Christian Review Magazine Issue 3 - March 2015 - Page 28

MOVIE REVIEW READ AN EXCLUSIVE ARTICLE BY KENDRA WHITE (PRODUCER, WRITER, AND DIRECTOR OF SUMMER SNOW) Title: SUMMER SNOW Rating: Starring: David Chisum, Cameron Goodman, Rachel Eggleston Written by: Jeremy White, Kendra White Directed by: Jeremy White, Kendra White Genre: Drama Running Time: 90 minutes MPAA Rating: Not Rated Production Company: American Family Studios Reviewed by: Leah St John Release Date: Out Now : DVD 28 > CHRISTIAN REVIEW MAGAZINE A fter the loss of his wife, Susan, Dan Benson and his three children - Hallie, David, and Julie try to cope with the hurt of her passing, along with other issues and situations that arise in their lives. Susan had a strong faith in God along with a kind and understanding nature, and they all struggle to get along without her presence in their lives. Hallie, the youngest Benson, is a sweet young girl with a big heart like her mother, as such she is always looking for ways to help people. Through her actions her father and siblings draw closer to God and one another as the story plays out, learning along the way that one life can truly make a difference. A sweet movie with heart and substance, Summer Snow is a film that will make you laugh as well as cry. As a viewer, I quite quickly got drawn into the story, and really felt for all of the characters. This can be attributed to a touching and captivating storyline, great acting, and high production values. Summer Snow is very well directed by Kendra and Jeremy White, who also co wrote the screenplay. To say they did an excellent job with Summer Snow is an understatement. Also, given the fact that this is the first feature film that either of them have directed or written, it is plain to see that these siblings are a very talented duo. I hope they go on have a hand in making more movies like this one. As far as acting goes, some solid performances are given in Summer Snow, most notably from those who are part of the Benson family. It is clear that these actors gave their all in their respective roles. They bring real emotion and life to their characters, playing them with believability and depth. But it’s Rachel Eggleston who steals the show - she is simply adorable as Hallie and literally lights up the screen! As for content, Summer Snow covers a number of themes and topics throughout. It deals with loss, father-child relationships, abortion, forgiveness, and prayer. It also relays to the viewer that, if we let Him, God can change us and work through us. An extremely enjoyable and heartwarming drama with high production values and great performances, Summer Snow is a movie that comes highly recommended.