Christian Review Magazine Issue 3 - March 2015 - Page 26

MOVIE REVIEW Title: REFUGE FROM THE STORM Rating: Starring: Christian Madsen, Michael Madsen, Kristen Quintrall, Jane Santos Written by: Elias Acosta, James Ellis Directed by: Elias Acosta Genre: Drama Running Time: 101 minutes MPAA Rating: PG-13 Production Company: Vista Films International Reviewed by: Christian St John Release Date: Out Now : DVD, Blu-ray, VOD 26 > CHRISTIAN REVIEW MAGAZINE L inda is a young woman who is left mentally and spiritually scarred by familial abuse and dark spiritual oppression she experienced as a child. With her life spiraling out of control and faced with the truth of God’s love, Linda must now make a decision that will lead her away from bondage to sin and into a personal battle with the forces of darkness. Billed as a “new generation of faith-based drama”, Refuge from the Storm is a very different film from most in the Christian movie genre. It has a mature storyline that features some violence, including quite a graphic demon exorcism scene, some frank sexual dialog, some drug use, and scenes that show people involved in false religious and satanic practices. As for the production values - It’s obvious at times that this film was produced on a lower budget. But overall the camera work is good, and the picture and sound are both clear. The screenplay is well written, but the overall story is a little hard to follow along with at times. The acting in Refuge from the Storm is a little bit of a mixed bag. Kristen Quitrall is good as the movie’s protagonist Linda, the young woman who finds herself caught up in a spiritual battle. Likewise, Michael Madsen is good as a writer who is tackling the subject of good and evil for a thesis project, and Angie Jerez, who plays a demonically possessed woman, also does well. However, the acting from the rest of the cast tends to lie somewhere between wooden and over acting. If I had to use one word to describe Refuge from the Storm, I would have to use the word brave. Not the easiest of films to watch - due to the subject matter - this movie tackles false religion and satanism, subjects that rarely gets focused on in the Christian movie scene. I tip my hat to the producers of this film for taking a chance and making a movie that doesn’t fit squarely into the “typical” Christian movie box. Instead, this movie tells a dark story to make it’s point… that The Light is more powerful than the darkness. The end result is that Refuge from the Storm more than reminded me of the books by author, Rebecca Brown. If you do watch this movie you can download a free study guide which features the Scriptures behind the screenplay; this could be useful to those who find the movie confusing or those who what to know more about the topics presented in the movie.