Christian Review Magazine Issue 3 - March 2015 - Page 25

MOVIE REVIEW Title: WELCOME TO INSPIRATION Rating: Starring: Jackie Stewart, Britt George, Whitney Goin, Jason Crabb, Larry Gatlin, Christy Sutherland, Regina McCrary Written by: Scott Brooks, Erick Henson, Ryan Ramos Directed by: Erick Henson, Ryan Ramos Genre: Drama, Family, Music Running Time: 101 minutes MPAA Rating: Not Rated Production Company: For Our Father Films Reviewed by: Leah St John Release Date: Out Now : DVD A ustin and Marnie, a freelance journalist and his wife, are no longer happy, and their marriage is on the rocks. After their car breaks down, they wind up in a small southern town called Mountainbrook. Soon after arriving, Austin encounters a street sweeper, who tells him about the “Seven Revelations of Irrefutable Success”, which are each based on a Biblical truth. These “revelations” are then revealed through the lives of several troubled and struggling locals, who are each confronting a crisis in their lives. Each of these individuals end up learning a valuable life lesson, and they in turn they positively impact Austin and Marnie, leaving them better off than when they arrived in Mountainbrook. Welcome to Inspiration is a family-friendly drama with a strong musical element. An openly Christian movie, this feature boldly shares an assortment of Biblically based truths through telling the stories of several individuals, who each come to learn valuable lessons out of their personal struggles. Some such truths - or “revelations” as they are referred to in the movie - include “the truth will set you free”, “seek and you will find”, and “ask and you shall receive”. Production wise Welcome to Inspiration is an extremely well produced film. Great directing and beautiful cinematography, truly capture the slower pace, and quaint and charming atmosphere of a small southern town. It also has a great soundtrack and musical score throughout. Welcome to Inspiration is made in a similar vein to the new PureFlix movie Do You Believe? (i.e. a series of smaller stories that the each contribute to a larger picture). Unfortunately, this film was lacking some some of the key ingredients which go into making most vignette style movies work namely tension and good character development. As such, I didn’t really connect or feel for any of the characters presented in the film. That being said, Welcome to Inspiration is a beautifully produced, family-friendly film, with a solid Christian message. And I’m sure that Jason Crabb fans will appreciate the chance to see the musician on screen. CHRISTIANREVIEW.COM > 25