Christian Review Magazine Issue 3 - March 2015 - Page 21

Innocents), Sean Astin (The Lord of the Rings), Alexa PenaVega (The Remaining), Andrea Logan White (Moms’ Night Out), Delroy Lindo (TV’s Believe), Brian Bosworth (Revelation Road), Lee Majors (TV’s The Fall Guy), and Cybill Shepherd (TV’s Moonlighting). And I have to say that the acting in this movie is exemplary all round, with everyone bringing their A-game. As for the production itself… this movie looks and sounds great; I had no issues with any aspect of this movie’s production. The camera work is expertly handled, the music score fitting, and the writing is excellent featuring an engaging story with believable characters who find themselves in realistic situations. And when all these factors came into play as the movie played out, I actually found myself caring for the characters portrayed in this film, again thanks to “The cross shouldn’t just bring us to our knees…it should bring us to our feet!” Pastor Matthew some incredible writing and acting. Do You Believe? contains plenty of Christian content. To save on space, let’s just say that Do You Believe? is a Gospel driven movie that centers on The Cross of Christ and how it changes lives. However, unlike many other Christian movies, not all the stories presented in this movie have happy and pleasant endings… but they are all hope filled. The main themes to be found in this movie include family, The Cross of Christ, trust, hope, faith, sacrifice, truth, redemption, and love. There is some violence so parents might want to watch first, but there is not sex, nudity, drink or drug use, or bad language. Being a Pureflix movie I was expecting an OK film at best; let’s face it, Pureflix have released more than their fair share of lackluster and under-achieving movies in the past. I certainly wasn’t expecting it to blow me away and end up giving it 5 stars and an editor’s choice. But it did, and I have! From the atmosphere building opening scenes to the intense goose bump inducing final sequences (the last 10 minutes of this movie are incredible), Do You Believe? is not only the best Pureflix produced movie to date, it’s also one of the finest Christian movies ever produced, standing side by side ݥѠ