Christian Review Magazine Issue 2 - Jan/Feb 2015 - Page 9

writing - are to be found in The War Within. Not only one of the best of the year, this is one of the best Christian films ever made! (Read review) HEAVEN IS FOR REAL Forget what the naysayers are saying about this mustsee movie starring Greg Kinnear, Thomas Hayden Church, and Kelly Reilly, is a beautiful tale that testifies that indeed Heaven is for real and that we are never alone. What a wonderful hope filled truth! It’s also worth mentioning that this movie was the biggest grossing Christian movie of the year. (Read review) IN PLAIN SIGHT - This documentary lays bare the fact that sex trafficking is not just a third world problem, but that it exists right here in North America. And the cold hard truth is that many of those used for sex are underage girls who have been forced by parents, relatives,and pimps to live in a nightmare. Filled with candid interviews, In Plain Sight is at once a heartbreaking yet hopeful film that shows some of the wonderful people involved in the fight for freedom. (Read review) MY NAME IS PAUL - This is an end-time movie based on the Biblical story of the Apostle Paul. An excellent piece of indie Christian filmmaking. It’s obvious that it was made on a low budget, and yet the finished film is extremely impressive indeed - a testament to the hard work that must have gone into producing this film. To be honest, and I don’t say this lightly, but My Name is Paul is the best end-times film I have ever watched. It’s also worth noting that a sequel is planned. (Read review) WORTHY MENTIONS ● Ragamuffin ● Moms’ Night Out ● Ashes of Eden ● Life Changes Everything ● The Song ● Evolution’s Achilles’ Heels ● Persecuted ● 23 Blast ● The Christmas Secret ● Saints and Soldiers: The Void CHRISTIAN REVIEW > 9