Christian Review Magazine Issue 2 - Jan/Feb 2015 - Page 61

“I could search the whole world wide, and never find a love like Yours.” - A Love Like Yours MUSIC REVIEW Artist: AARON GILLESPIE Album: GRACE THROUGH THE WANDERING Rating: Genre: Worship, Pop For Fans Of: Newsboys (early), U2, Matty Mullins Label: BEC Recordings Band Website: Reviewed by: Leah St John Release Date: February 3, 2015 Formerly of Underoath current frontman for The Almost, Aaron Gillespie released his debut solo album, Anthem Song, in 2011. Four year later, Gillespie returns with his long-anticipated sophomore solo album, a worship release titled Grace Through The Wandering. Gillespie recorded Grace Through The Wandering while on the road, as he is currently serving as the touring drummer for platinum-selling band Paramore full time. This is an impressive feat, considering the high production value, as well as the lyrical and musical quality of the album. From a press release: With the help of producer Jon Howard, who tours with Paramore playing keys and providing background vocals, Aaron Gillespie recorded this album in 10 cities-from Paris to Tulsa. They carried gear and set up makeshift studios in hotel rooms. Only three tracks were recorded with his friend and producer Aaron Sprinkle in Nashville. Grace Through The Wandering is a beautiful praise-filled release, that draws the listener in right from the get-go. All the tracks are individual, upbeat, memorable worship songs with a notable pop vibe. Brimming with lyrics that openly express an adoration and love for God, one can recognize that Gillespie has an obvious heart for worship by listening to this release. True to its title, Grace Through The Wandering presents its listeners with a timeless message - through all of life’s seasons, God offers us hope, love, and grace. A fantastic follow up to Anthem Song, Grace Through The Wandering is a wonderful sophomore worship release from Aaron Gillespie. And much like Anthem Song, I am sure Grace Through The Wandering will grace my iPod more than a few times before Gillespie’s next worship release. CHRISTIAN REVIEW > 61