Christian Review Magazine Issue 2 - Jan/Feb 2015 - Page 6

IN THIS ISSUE MOVIES & TV 8. OUR TOP MOVIES OF 2015 12. BLOCKBUSTERS 14. OLD FASHIONED The indie movie that’s going head to head with 50 Shades of Gray. 17. REVIEWS featuring Redemption of the Commons, A Long Way Off, The God Question, In Plain Sight, Christian Mingle, No New Kinda Story, Little Hope Was Arson, Hoovey, 23 Blast, Pass the Light 34. INTERVIEW WITH DAVID TROTTER An exclusive interview with David Trotter, one of the filmmakers behind the sex trafficking documentary, In Plain Sight. MUSIC 36. OUR TOP MUSIC PICKS OF 2014 40. INTERVIEW WITH TOURNIQUET’S TED KIRKPATRICK 42. REVIEWS featuring Steve Taylor & The Perfect Foil, The Gray Havens, Hunter G.K. Thompson, P.O.D., Four Star Revival, Misty Edwards, Jeremy Camp, Tourniquet, Hardie Avenue, Aaron Gillespie, Bethel Music 46. INTERVIEW WITH JERICHO 52. INTERVIEW WITH STEVE TAYLOR 66. INTERVIEW WITH JEREMY CAMP 6 > CHRISTIAN REVIEW