Christian Review Magazine Issue 2 - Jan/Feb 2015 - Page 52

an interview with STEVE TAYLOR S teve Taylor has been in the Christian music scene since 1982. During that time he has released 6 studio and 2 live albums. On his latest album “Goliath” he worked alongside Nashville recording artists John Mark Painter (of Fleming & John), Jimmy Abegg (formerly of California band, Vector), and Peter Furler (ex-Newsboys vocalist) - together they are collectively know as Steve Taylor & The Perfect Foil. Recently we got to ask Mr. Taylor some questions… 52 > CHRISTIAN REVIEW Christian Review (CR) - You have been in the music industry since the early 1980's (over 30 years!). How has it changed for you over the years? Steve Taylor (ST) - The “hanging with your friends in the recording studio to make music” part has changed very little. What happens afterwards is almost unrecognizable, and that’s fine with me. I prefer making music in 2014 to 1984. CR - It's been 20+ years since you last released a studio album ("Squint" back in 1993). Was it exciting to be fronting a musical project again? Did you find it at all daunting with everything that has changed in the music making process? ST - It turns out I hadn’t completely forgotten how. The long break was good in that it made me appreciate how much faster and easier this is than making movies. And I’ve gotten to where I can almost tolerate my singing voice. CR - How did Steve Taylor & The Perfect Foil come together? Did you and the other members know each other beforehand, or did you first meet/collaborate through this band? ST - I can’t recall if the initial idea was Peter Furler’s or mine, but it was birthed from creative inertia — I’d spent over three years trying to raise money to make the “Blue Like Jazz” movie and it wasn’t going well. Peter and I have