Christian Review Magazine Issue 2 - Jan/Feb 2015 - Page 49

MUSIC REVIEW Fact: The bands name - P.O.D. - Means Payable On Death Artist: P.O.D. Album: SoCal Sessions Rating: Genre: Rock, Acoustic, Reggae Label: UMe (T-Boy Records and Universal Music Enterprises) Band Website: Reviewed by: Leah St John Release Date: Available Now P .O.D. has been producing music for over two decades. It only seems fitting that they should release an acoustic album that includes some of their biggest hits and fan favorites from over the years, including “Alive”, “Lost In Forever”, and “Youth of the Nation”. First off, don’t expect any new songs from POD on this album. SoCal Sessions features 12 tracks, each of them an unplugged version of a song that has previously been added to the P.O.D. catalogue. And while all of the tracks on the record are acoustic, they maintain that ‘big’ sound that was originally present on the songs. Musically, SoCal Sessions is driven/lead by acoustic guitars and vocals, with a variety of percussion more frequently present than not. Other musical elements also find their way into the mix. Their reggae influenced hard rock sound translates well to an acoustic front, and as one would expect from P.O.D, excellent musicianship is displayed throughout the entire release. Obviously, the lyrics are great, as P.O.D. is well known for penning poignant hard hitting lyrics that tell stories. The new musical arrangements paired with the already existing melodies and lyrics result in fresh ‘new’ versions of older songs. They also present a little bit more of the ‘mellow’ side of P.O.D.; a side that fans don’t often get to hear. The first ever acoustic album from P.O.D. makes for some great listening, both for existing fans, and those who like acoustic albums. Overall, SoCal Seesions is a fantastic album. CHRISTIAN REVIEW > 49