Christian Review Magazine Issue 2 - Jan/Feb 2015 - Page 48

Did You Know: Hunter is currently the worship leader for Bethel Church Redding and Bethel Church Worship Rooms 24/7 Worship and Prayer Ministry. MUSIC REVIEW H Artist: HUNTER G.K. THOMPSON Album: SWAN SONG Rating: Genre: Singer/Songwriter, Worship For Fans Of: Jack Johnson. Northern Abbey Label: Bethel Music Website: Reviewed by: Leah St John Release Date: Available Now 48 > CHRISTIAN REVIEW unter G. K. Thompson is a songwriter and worship leader at Redding, CA based Bethel Church. Swan Song is Thompson’s sophomore solo release, having been preceded by Gabriel Kansas, an EP he released in early 2013. Swan Song, another EP, contains 5 fantastic original tracks, each one proving Thompson’s impressive talent as a songwriter and musician. It is a slower paced release that has a hauntingly peaceful atmosphere. From the opening track to it’s final notes, Swan Song emits a strong singer / songwriter vibe. The album is essentially lead by acoustic guitars and vocals, but strings, electric guitar, bass, keys, and percussion make appearances throughout. “The only way to God is through the Son, through those eyes of fire.” - Maranatha Thompson has penned some heartfelt, wholly Christ-centered lyrics - they are almost poetic in nature. Each track, though the lyrics do vary, holds tight to a common theme. They focus on living a life of love and devotion to Jesus through both the good times and the hard, placing great value on our personal relationship with Him. “Jesus Christ, it’s for love I give my life. Through my days and through my nights, I choose to love You rightly” - To Love You Rightly Between the great musical arrangements, thoughtfully written worshipful lyrics, and Hunter Thompson’s purely emotive vocals, Swan Song is a wonderful release. As Swan Song came to a close, it left me longing for more. I am not ashamed to admit I pressed the replay button on my iPod more than once. Needless to say, I am more than looking forward to whatever musical offering Hunter Thompson might bring forth to us in the future.