Christian Review Magazine Issue 2 - Jan/Feb 2015 - Page 47

like God was telling me I had all these walls built up like pride, etc. God tore them down and told me not to rebuild them. CR - Your songs are pretty hardcore. What is the message behind your music? Jericho - Most of Christian music doesn't deal with real issues that we as believers and non-believers face. I don't understand why artist don't talk about more issues that we deal with. When I started writing Christian music I told God I wasn't going to be fake, I was going to be transparent. I feel like thats what I am. CR - How has the new album Road 2 Redemption been received? Jericho - The funny thing is a lot of secular artists have told me how much it has touched them. Also people of all ages are saying that it’s so refreshing because its open and honest. CR - What's coming up for Jericho? Jericho - Tour, tour, tour, tour. Jericho’s new album ROAD TO REDEMPTION is available now. You can learn more about Jericho at his website