Christian Review Magazine Issue 2 - Jan/Feb 2015 - Page 45

Fact: Fire & Stone is a metaphor about distinguishing between what really fuels joy, and what merely pretends to. MUSIC REVIEW Artist: THE GRAY HAVENS Album: FIRE AND STONE Rating: Genre: Worship, Folk For Fans Of: Rend Collective , Copperlily Label: The Gray Haven Music Band Website: Reviewed by: Leah St John Release Date: January 6, 2015 he Gray Havens is a folk worship/singer-songwriter duo, made up of a husband and wife team, Dave and Licia Radford. Fire And Stone is their debut full length album. T lyrics are natural born storytellers. Through the use of creatively penned narrative, each track presents the listener with a story of some sort, which in turn leaves you with something to think about. Fire And Stone is a wonderful debut release from The Gray Havens, both musically and lyrically speaking. “Good, beautiful stories plunge the reader into a fictional world in such a way that when they come out again, they perceive the real world more clearly and with more joy than before. In much the same way, song lyrics-when married to the right melody-can penetrate the heart. Story plays such a huge part in our songs because powerful narratives have been so transforming for us personally.” Musically, Fire And Stone encompasses folk, worship, pop, and singer-songwriter sensibilities, bringing them together to create something unique. The album is lead primarily by keys and guitars, as well as vocals provided by the husband and wife duo, but a good number of other elements and influences can also be heard peppered throughout the release. Needless to say, the music of The Gray Havens wouldn’t fit into a specific box, as it crosses a number of genre borders. Fire And Stone is a lovely album to listen to. The lyrics are very well written, and hold meaning and depth. Right from the get-go, it is easy to tell that those who wrote the - Dave Radford With its lively and unique musicality, alongside the poignant narrative lyrics, Fire And Stone is a great debut album from The Gray Havens. I thoroughly enjoyed this album from its first note to its last, and I look forward to seeing (and hearing) the duo grow and hone their obvious talents on future releases. CHRISTIAN REVIEW > 45