Christian Review Magazine Issue 2 - Jan/Feb 2015 - Page 24

MOVIE REVIEW Title: CHRISTIAN MINGLE Rating: Starring: Lacey Chabert, Jonathan Patrick Moore, Stephen Tobolowsky, John O’Hurley, David Keith, Morgan Fairchild, Corbin Bernsen Written by: Corbin Bernsen Directed by: Corbin Bernsen Genre: Drama, Romance, Comedy Running Time: 103 minutes MPAA Rating: PG Production Company: Home Theater Films Released by: Capitol Christian Dist. Reviewed by: Leah St John Release Date: January 13, 2015 : DVD 24 > CHRISTIAN REVIEW W ritten and directed by Corbin Bernsen (TV’s L.A. Law, Psych) Christian Mingle is a dramedy that follows a 30 year old woman who is searching for her soul mate. With no luck finding that special someone, and being the last single woman in her group of friends, she decides to give online dating a try. After lying about being a Christian on her profile, she ends up meeting a great guy through But when she is eventually called out for faking her belief in Christ, she finds herself on an unexpectedly life changing journey. Christian Mingle is a wholly entertaining film with a well thought out story, which includes laugh-out-loud funny, dramatic, and poignant moments. And though it might fall into the rom-com category, it has enough content to keep both male and female viewers equally entertained. Topics covered during the course of the film include love, trust, faith, and the search for truth. The Gospel is presented well in this movie, and it is also shown that there is more than one way to worship and live out your faith. And unlike many other faith-based movies, Christian Mingle unabashedly calls out a lot of so-calledbelievers, in that it takes more than just saying that you believe in God coupled with an occasional trip to Church to be a Christian. Also worth noting is that Christian Mingle has a good number of recognizable actors attached, including Lacey Chabert (TV’s Party of Five & Baby Daddy), Stephen Tobolowsky (Groundhog Day), John O’Hurley (TV’s Family Feud & Seinfeld), Morgan Fairchild (TV’s Chuck), and David Keith (An Officer and a Gentleman). The performances from all actors are great throughout the movie, with each one confidently playing their respective role. My hats off to Corbin Bernsen for making a movie that not only has an engaging and well written script, but that is also well directed and produced. Christian Mingle is certainly his best feature film yet (some of his other films include Rust [2010], 25 Hill [2011], and Beyond the Heavens [2013]). Christian Mingle is a well made and thoroughly enjoyable faith-based dramedy with some depth that exceeded my expectations.