Christian Review Magazine Issue 2 - Jan/Feb 2015 - Page 21

MOVIE REVIEW Title: THE GOD QUESTION Rating: Starring: Keith Langsdale, Jim Lobley, Cate Damon Written by: Stan Freeman Directed by: Douglas Gordon Genre: Drama, Sci-Fi Running Time: 88 minutes MPAA Rating: Not Rated Production Company: Mill River Films Released by: Bridgestone Multimedia Group Reviewed by: Leah St John Release Date: Feb 2, 2015 : DVD A movie with an intriguing premise, The God Question revolves around former MIT professor Stephen Kendrick, a scientist who has access to a recently banned highly intelligent super-computer he helped write the source code for. With the encouragement of Yale philosopher, Jane Hurst, and the help of his friend, Alan Moss, he sets out to see if he can get it to answer that age old question, is there evidence for the existence of God? While the movie follows a pretty basic storyline, it is well written and makes you want to keep watching to the very end. entertainment, you can’t turn your brain off for this one! “How come we’re asking a machine, it’s never felt a thing, never felt love, pain, hunger. Never felt faith or gut instinct… why are we asking it a question about God?” - Alan Moss The God Question raised some good points about man vs. machine, such as the value of unique perspectives and opinions that come from independent human thinking and consciousness versus the “thoughts” and “conclusions” of an inanimate soulless machine. Taking into consideration that this is a selfprofessed micro-budget movie, the filmmakers did a pretty good job at bringing their vision to the screen. For the most part, the production quality is very good - I personally think that it’s a lot better than many other micro-budget movies I’ve seen in the past. The acting was also good throughout. That being said, The God Question is not going to be for everyone. Going in, you need to be aware that this is a thoughtful and conversation driven “thinking movie” it’s not a movie that is purely for The God Question is a well made movie with depth. I recommend watching it with others, as it is a thought provoking movie that proposes some good questions that are sure to make you think. CHRISTIAN REVIEW > 21