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Tenancy Guidance For our Landlords General Information 1. Who is my contact at Choice Rentals 2. What happens when you are closed? 3. How involved will I need to be? 4. Do you hold funds on account against future expenditure? Property Visits 20. What about property visits? 21. Does my tenant have to allow access? Safety Regulations 22. What about Safety Regulations? 23. I have a new gas boiler. Do I need a Landlord GasSafety Record? 24. What about portable gas appliances like barbecues and patio heaters? At the Start of the Tenancy 5. What about the transfer of utilities? Repairs & Maintenance 6. What happens when you are closed? 7. When something breaksdown what happens? 8. What is an approved contractor? 9. What if I have my own contractor? 10. What if I have guarantees? 11. What if I need a new washing machine for example? 12. What if my tenant isunable to operate an appliance or the heating and hot water? 13. Who isresponsible for changing light bulbs? 14. Leaks 15. What if there is a septic tank or sewerage system? 16. Who is responsible if a drain becomes blocked? 17. Who looks after the garden? 18. Who looks after the swimming pool and hot tub if applicable? Service Charges 25. Will you pay my Ground Rent & Service Charge? At the End of the Tenancy 26. How soon can I re-market the property? 27. What happens on the last day of the tenancy? 28. Should the property be cleaned by the tenant? 29. What about the garden? 30. What happensafter the check-out has been prepared? 31. What if I need to spend money to get the property ready for re-marketing or a new tenancy? 32. How often will my property need refurbishing? 33. What happensabout utilities and Council Tax? 34. What happens to my property whilst it’s empty? 35. Should I advise my insurers when the property isvacant? Continued »