Choice Rentals - Professional Letting Agents March 2015 Issue - Page 3

Length of Stay

2 If you have moved into a property but possibly don't intend to stay for more than a year or two due to your circumstances we'd tend to recommend not making any alterations to decor. Ultimately if you only plan to stay 12 months it isn't going to be worth the expense and effort to redecorate when potentially you may have to put it back to how it was originally when you leave. All our properties will be in good decorative condition when you move in and so unless you intend it to be a long term rental there isn't much of an incentive for you to decorate..


3 Once you have received approval to decorate we'd always recommending hiring a professional painter and decorator to undertake this task for you. A good quality tradesman will ensure a good job and prepare surfaces, flooring and furniture properly before starting the job. If you can't afford a professional and you are going to decorate yourself its crucial to use dust sheets, masking tape, move any items from rooms and prepare the surface with appropriate undercoats or primers and so on. We can assist in more detail if you need specific advice on this matter.

Putting it all back!

4 Remember that even if you have received permission to redecorate, if the work is carried out to a substandard level or to a taste that would be considered anything other than neutral you may be asked to return the property to its orginal 'check-in' inventory state. Decor is a very subjective thing and therefore any decor that could be considered to make the property less rentable than when you moved in could cause complication or a challenge to your deposit. We would always suggest when choosing your colour scheme or style keep in mind how easy or difficult it may be to have to change it back to how it was previously. A Dark purple wall will take 3 or 4 coats of magnolia before it is back to neutral for example. Remember if you've made any holes through hanging pictures or televisions then you will need to fill any holes you have created.


5There are many alternatives that you could choose to add your own flavour to your property without actually affecting the decor at all. Decals are now hugely popular - especially in childrens bedrooms - and can be removed by simply peeling them off when you leave. You can use stencils which can make a wall look completely different and is easy to paint over at the end of the tenancy. You can also add soft furnishings such as throws or curtains which add colour or style without changing the colour of the wall. Consider just painting one wall in a room to add a contrast - often a fireplace or alcove can be a great feature and shouldn't cause too much trouble in removing if required.


In summary remember that permission is always needed and consider how easy any decorative changes you make are to return to there 'check-in' colours.

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