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Get Permission!

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Get Permission

1 The first and certainly the most important thing before commencing with any redecoration is to get permission from ourselves. Preferably any request to redecorate would be put in writing with a description of the changes you are considering making. Doing this ensures that we can gain approval from the landlord to the changes you want to make and removes any potential arguments about decor in the future. In some circumstances a verbal agreement can be given, however, permission is always required before embarking on any redecoration.


Lets be honest, we all have our own unique style and taste when it comes to our home decor. Whether we rent or own where we live this fact doesn't change. Putting your own personal flavour on your surroundings is a natural and understandable aspiration and so we've put together this handy guide to ensure that making any changes to the decor of your rental property doesn't leave you with problems when you eventually leave. Statsitics vary from one deposit scheme to another but unauthorised changes to decor can be the cause of up to 50% of all disputes between tenants and landlords at the finale of a tenancy. Avoid some of the more common issues by following our 5 top tips


Top Tips