Chocolate Blues Business Networking Festival August 2013 - Page 4

sweet business connections • HELLO from the DIRECTOR When the CEO of Chocolate Blues Business Networking Festivals, Jennifer Martin, called me in March of 2013 and suggested I look at coming to work for Chocolate Blues, I was elated as I could use my gifts of connection through this amazing festival. Nothing is more exciting than to see the magic happen when people help each other out. I truly believe that when you pour out blessings, they come back to you tenfold. Throughout the nation, Chocolate Blues has done just that: it has helped create jobs, bring millions of dollars through referrals at these events, and developed long lasting business relationships in a fun and festive way where sweet business connections are made. But for it to become a reality here in Colorado, movement had to take place, so I am going to talk to you for a moment about a formula for success. As soon as Jennifer asked me to think about it, I thought about how I could do this along with my other responsibilities. What if no one comes? What if no one signs up? What if ….? What if…..? What if….? Does that ever happen to you? Have opportunities arisen for you only to be stopped short by your fears of the unknown? How do we change our thinking so that we don’t feel like we are out of options? Can you ever be out of options? Albert Einstein said, “We cannot s