CHLOE Magazine Spring 2014 Volume 4 Issue 4 - Page 79

SHORT HAIR IS HAVING A MOMENT But perhaps it’s a fleeting one, which may leave you wishing you had taken less drastic measures to try this season’s hottest trend. Curious to further explore the pixie movement, I sat down with Toronto salon owner Mary Tripi. With an incredible 54 years of experience in the business, Mary can easily decipher which trends are worth paying attention to. Short hair is a surefire way to possess a “look”. It gives women the ability to garner attention and break convention, without having to extend much effort in the morning. “In my opinion, it’s more creative,” says Mary, in a luxurious Greek accent. “Majority of the time, people with long hair have two styles, either they let it down or put it in a ponytail.” I sink in my chair, knowing she speaks the truth. As a frequent user of the longhairdontcare hashtag, I must admit that letting my hair down is such a rare event, snapping a picture of my efforts often seems necessary. With short hair, routine trips to the salon are essential for upkeep, but everyday maintenance is low. “It does takes more time to style long hair” says Mary “and I’m excited because it’s about time we see something else.”   The woman is onto something. Looking back in hair history, not since Marilyn Monroe has short hair held the mainstream sex symbol status. Perhaps it’s a backlash to the outrageous popularity of hair extensions. We are now seeing a dramatic shift. The magical mix of an androgynous pixie cut with playful platinum color and suddenly a trend was born.   Mary’s veteran status makes her an expert on forecasting trends. Her first salon opened at age 19, “It was a great time,” she recalls. The new location on Yonge Street is her fifth salon to date. When I ask her if this is the best one yet, she replies. “No. Every one was different and every one was the best.” It is a confident statement, a reflection of Mary’s personality. She is blunt, a woman who says it like it is. If you walk through her doors demanding 10 inches off the length, but her keen eye doesn’t see it working, she will let you know. Reassuring news for hesitant salon goers with a history of cutters remorse. This is what keeps her clients coming back for more. “Its not a one night stand, it’s a long term relationship” as described by her son, Nicholas, the head colorist at The Private World of Mary Tripi Salon.   The two are a passionate and talented pair. Growing up in his mother’s salon, Nicholas was shocked when Mary insisted he go to beauty school, despite all the hours he had spent watching and learning from the best. His educational experience, however, was not without its perks. Nicholas traveled to Paris with L’Oreal to explore the color labs, and had one-on-one training from Schwarzkopf and Wella to master his craft. Eternally grateful, he soaked in every bit of knowledge and perfected his skills. “I will not paint a torn canvas. Its about the health of the hair.”   It’ s entertaining to explore new colors, trends, and shapes, but healthy hair never goes out of style. Neither does being confident that your hair is a reflection of your personality. It’s possible that underneath the superficiality of this popular new haircut reveals a glimpse into the psyche of today’s modern women: fearless, playful, “long-hair-short–hair-either- way-I-don’t-care” confidence. And for those who are fearless but just better suit long flowing locks, there is always makeup. Cheryl Gushue, from SB890, is an incredible talent. She can introduce you to an orange lip or cobalt blue eyes that will have you looking like you walked straight off the spring catwalks.