CHLOE Magazine Spring 2014 Volume 4 Issue 4 - Page 55

Le CGl la m osuir q u e s Parisian a   Everyone who knows me is well aware of my affection for red lips and nails. It’s hard to pin point the exact moment the obsession began. I was attempting to reinvent myself, and a chic daily dose of red did the trick. This is a Parisian glamour philosophy: consider your red lips and nails as a fashion accessory. Even simple jeans and a tee shirt will suddenly have that je ne se quoi. Read closely, I’m about to spill a makeup artist’s secrets to perfect lips. COLOR Many people ask me how to pick the perfect red. First of all, note that some special shades are universally flattering. I know this from my days working the makeup counter. I would apply the same red lipstick on 50 women, and it would somehow look amazing on everyone. My all time favorite is Rouge de Guerlain #25 Garconne. Summer, fall, winter, spring, it always works. Nothing photographs quite like it, and its longevity and lipconditioning properties make it the superhero of lip wear. Other popular shades are M.A.C Ruby Woo and Lady Danger, Guerlain Rouge Automatique #121Rouge D’enefer, and YSL Rouge Couture #13 Le Orange. If these do not work for you, don’t panic there is still plenty of hope. The truth is there is only one sure way to find the perfect shade: you must try them on until you find “the one”. The right red should have a light switch effect, your face will instantly brighten. As a rule of thumb, tanned skin looks better with a bit of an orange, and pale skin suits blue base reds. However, the unfortunate thing about makeup (and also the reason why I love it) is that there really are no rules. So the only way to find your magic red is to go out there and try a few on until you get that happy feeling in your gut that you have found the one. TEXTURE The second common question I am faced with is how to keep the lipstick on all day. To answer this question, I simply must stress that not all lip products are created equal. The majority of the time, you get what you pay for, and a luxury lipstick is worth the investment. Its not just about how long it lasts, but also how lovely it looks when its inevitably wearing off. 8 hours old lipstick can look like a strategically applied stain if the quality is t