CHLOE Magazine Spring 2014 Volume 4 Issue 4 - Page 53

V iolet Vixen Color of t h e Ye a r When Pantone announced Radiant Orchid as the color of the year, I was surprised and some what confused. Staring at me was a shade of purple, reminiscent of my childhood bedroom décor. How could this be the color that was going to inspire me to new artistic heights in 2014? I was uncertain, but my skepticism didn’t last for long. While I was on set for this shoot, I intended to put a beautiful and vibrate shade of pink on our model. After blissfully applying all her makeup, I took a step back to admire my work, but something wasn’t right. I thought I would love the look, but the vibrant pink just wasn’t doing it for me. Was it not her color? Perhaps I put it on too thick? No, the answer was painfully obvious: the color looked so 2013, and I was over it. Thankfully, Bite Beauty was there to come to the rescue. Bite was on the ball, and had sent me a gorgeous new product: Matte Crème Lip Crayons in Grape. Reaching for it on an impulse, I quickly wiped off the not-so-hot pink, spackled on the surprisingly pigmented, yet still deliciously creamy purple, and something clicked. It turns out Pantone was right. This year, the color I want to be staring at is a gorgeous shade of violet. EYES There is something a bit rebellious about a purple lip, and so it needs to be paired with rock star eyes. On the lids, I kept it simple with just a touch of shine to add a sparkle to the eye. Thick black liner is applied on the inner water lines, focused along the bottom lashes. I used a taupe eye shadow with a bit of shimmer smudged across the lower lash line for a “last-night’s makeup” effect. NAILS Guerlain’s new Stardust Lip and Nail colors have iridescent tones that pair perfectly with violet lip. For nails, YSL #48 Rose Scabiosa (used on our model) is the most coveted color for spring. A definite crowd pleaser, this soft lilac shade is a mix of cool, soft, and feminine. SKIN The new look is all about dewy, healthy, glowing skin. Makeup should look like you were born flawless, and have all the right areas highlighted. After applying your foundation, use a spa water spray all over the face to set the product.  Follow your water mist with light stifling motions using a sponge, or my new favorite, a Beauty Blender (Google it, and get into it). This will blend the foundation perfectly into your skin, and cover all imperfections. To set the foundation, use an illuminating powder. For this, we are spoiled with options. I have had a long-standing love affair with Guerlain Meteorites Powders. A loose powder created in the form of multi-colored pearls, each color serves as its own purpose: to erase dullness, cut redness, illuminate, and radiate. All the while being remarkably undetectable, even in direct sunlight. Other than a few specks of glitter, no on will know you are wearing makeup. There is also a new kid in town. Launched last summer and immediately flying off the shelves, Nars Light Reflecting Pressed Powder has many artists buzzing about its overall greatness. The powder texture feels exceptionally fine and light as a feather. So lightweight that it won’t ever affect the integrity of the products used underneath it, meaning you will be able to set your dewy liquid products without erasing the glow.  It also creates a blurring effect on imperfection such as pores and fine lines.