CHLOE Magazine Spring 2014 Volume 4 Issue 4 - Page 45

George C. offers a wide array of unique garments that are nonpareil in quality. For Lisa, the idea of quality over quantity is significant. “I am not a minimalist, I just don’t overload with too much... Today, it feels like women don’t have proper daytime looks. It feels as though the clothes wear the woman, not the other way around,” says Lisa, “less is more!” As a woman who embraces fashion, and dresses for personality, she shows clients how to embrace or achieve a style that best suits and represents them. Like Neil Barrett, who creates androgynous minimalist pieces, Lisa believes designers should find a signature look, modification, style and fit. At George C., shoppers can find their signature look, where the clothing is exclusive, while some pieces are still affordable fashion for those on a smaller budget... “Think of it as Alexander McQueen without the large price tag,” says the owner. The idea of getting more involved with charity work, happened at a moment in Lisa’s past when she became ill, and found comfort in fashion. While she laid in bed sick, a pair of blue stilettos arrived at the shop. After tryin rF