CHLOE Magazine Spring 2014 Volume 4 Issue 4 - Page 42

Born and raised in Australia, Corbo brings the world of exclusive and luxurious European designs and garments to Toronto, with a confident and powerful mastery. Not only is Lisa all about fashion, but she simultaneously pursues philanthropic efforts in the community, particularly involving herself with the Princess Margaret Hospital. The Woman Behind ‘George C.’ Lisa has always had a keen eye for fashion. As a young girl, she meticulously observed and learned from her mother, about how a lady should look and feel every day of her life. “I watched her put on makeup, style her hair, and dress with contemporary clothes to start off her day. She never once missed this routine. She dressed as though something might happen that day,” tells Lisa. With Italian and Australian influences from her parents, Lisa’s mother played a significant role in Lisa’s love and desire to be involved with fashion; especially European fashion. Later on as a student, she persisted with this love, graduating from RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia with a BA in Textile Design, and ended up moving to Europe to pursue her passion. Entering the industry as a buyer, Lisa began travelling around Europe on buying trips, which was how she met her husband, George Corbo. Soon after her marriage and move to Toronto, she was approached by Holt Renfrew to work as the Creative Director of a private brand. “I was given an incredible opportunity that most people only get hired for after years of experience. I couldn’t say no,” says Lisa. Years later, her and her husband found out they were expecting a child and took a leave of absence. This made Lisa re-submerge herself into the world of design and textiles, and collaboratively they decided to open a studio in, Toronto’s, Yorkville; George C.