CHLOE Magazine Spring 2014 Volume 4 Issue 4 - Page 147

Speaking any language can be a fine line between difficult and frustrating and hot and sexy. And of course the hot and sexy part of any language is always where it’s at. Whether it’s French, Spanish, Italian, Australian, any of them could make you instantly fall in love and linger off any conversation. Understand the ‘legs’ on your wine, discover the ‘aromatics’ of what’s in your glass, appreciate a ‘balanced’ wine and smooth down those ‘tannins’ with a decanter. The romantic wine expert in your is waiting to be released. Fontella Chianti Italy The feeling of pure enchantment Les Montgolfiers Syrah France The start of something special On Her: Dress, Erdem Holt Renfrew Necklace, JdJ | Bracelet, Eddie Borgo Holt Renfrew Shoes, Marni Specchio On Him: Shirt, Boss Harry Rosen Cardigan, Paul Smith Gravity Pope Pants, Lanvin Harry Rosen