CHLOE Magazine Spring 2014 Volume 4 Issue 4 - Page 121

Angus Rug in Violet and Cream Meredith Heron Rugs by Weaver & Loom Wallpaper Thibaut Etosha Leopard Stool,Arm Chair & Chaise Meredith Heron Design “If I can’t find the perfect piece of furniture, I have it made.” I think what sets me apart from other designers is that I first and foremost see myself as an artist. This shapes my process and how I approach each new project. As a designer, I see myself as a storyteller, my task is to weave the story of each client throughout their house transforming it into a home that reflects them while filtered through my aesthetic. When designing product, the artist and the story teller become one and in many ways is a much bigger challenge as the client is unknown. That being said, I find myself compelled to share my vision with a much bigger audience so when Ali Ghassemi suggested I collaborate with him on a rug collection, I jumped at the opportunity. Working with colour and pattern is a passion of mine. I love putting unusual colour combinations together. Mix in a variety of different textures and pattern and I find my pulse quickening. I often start with a quick sketch and then pull out my watercolour pencils. I love how watercolours soften and blend to create new shades, tints & tones. While I love a rich saturated hue, I am drawn instinctively to mutable tones. A recent trip to Palm Springs yielded about 300 photos of sunsets in my attempt to capture the tones streaking across the sky - inspiration for colour palettes for future projects. Side Table Global vintage table Pilllow Manuel Canovas Dara 100% Cotton