CHLOE Magazine Spring 2014 Volume 4 Issue 4 - Page 119

Table Lamp Robert Abbey Lamp in navy Side Table Global vintage table Mirror Roost Baroque carved mirror Pilllow Manuel Canovas Dara  Max Rug in Violet & White - Meredith Heron Rugs by Weaver & Loom Design is a balance between practical and technical solutions and the artistic - finding said balance is routinely a challenge. I often spend hours slaving over the perfect tile combination for a bathroom and lay awake at night wondering what detail is missing from a pillow or fabric story all the while keeping a running tally of how much it is all going to cost and if we are going to hit our target budgets. Design, when done well, ticks all of the boxes. I’m not content with just doing well however, I want my work to constantly exceed my own expectations. I often have to step outside of a project to check and see if I’ve done what is expected or if I’m missing an opportunity to really make a bold statement. Sometimes bold statements are more of a quiet hush so even that has to be considered - knowing when to restrain is an art form unto itself. From the very beginning, I’ve always opted to have pieces custom made. I insist on custom drapery treatments for all of my projects. If I can’t find the perfect piece of furniture, I have it made. Truth be told, custom isn’t nearly as expensive as you’d think and when you weigh that against the time it takes to hunt down the perfect piece, it’s actually very affordable.