CHLOE Magazine Fall Winter 2015 Volume 6 Issue 1

CHLOE WE CELEBRATE THE JOURNEY ROCK STAR PHOTOGRAPHER BRYAN ADAMS NYC SUPER MODEL GERTRUDE PHOTOGRAPHED BY GREG SWALES FINDING PARADISE IN THE MALDIVES Artist CRITICALLY ACCLAIMED José Manuel Merello ROCK MUSICIAN DAVIDBRYAN BOWIE BACK THEN AND NOW ADAMS Winter Runways of Milan NYC The Best Super of Bali Model South Beach Lounging PHOTOGRAPHED BY GREG SWALES LuxuryVillas of Capri FINDING PARADISE MALDIVES Top Wine Picks IN forTHE This Fall Artist JoséCoast Manuel Merello Dalmatian of Croatia GERTRUDE DAVID BOWIE BACK THEN AND NOW Fall Winter Runways of Milan, The Best of Bali, South Beach Lounging, Beauty Luxury Privacy The Villas of Capri, Our Top Wine Picks for This Fall, The Sparkling Dalmation Coast of Croatia