Chile May 2013 Vol 3

CHILE Volume 1, Issue 1 Newsletter Date PEOPLE of CHILE Chile in June Fiesta de San Pedro Decorating boats, lighting candles, and floating along the coast is the best way to celebrate the Fiesta de San Pedro. Along the coast of Chile, fishermen celebrate this day in hope that the next coming year will bring good fortune, weather , and large amounts of fish. It takes place on the 29th of June in the northern part of Chile. The night before the fiesta, a mass is held at midnight. After the mass pictures of Saint Peter are carried through the towns streets. Pedro Pablo Pedro Pablo is a national holiday that celebrates the two most important Catholic figures in Chile. Saint Peter and Saint Paul`s feast days are celebrated during this event. All across the country special ceremonies are held in their honor. Caption describing picture or graphic. Corpus Christi Every year Chileans celebrate the Catholic feast day of corpus Christi. The day that is celebrated in the church and out of the church. After the Sunday mass, people from everywhere in the community gathers and celebrates by taking part in activities. All around the towns carpet of flowers are made which depict religious images. These carpets are made out of leaves, flowers, natural materials, and many other things such as salt.