Chile May 2013 vol 2

KATE HANLINE Government Column Chile’s Government Chile has a long history of unstable government..The most famous coup Chile ever saw was spearheaded by Augusto Pinochet, Army Chief of Staff. In the 1970’s he forced President Allende out, and himself into the position of President. His goal was to eliminate the Marxist party. He suspended parliament, banned all political activity, and stopped all civil liberties. Pinochet's dictatorship led to the capture, torture, executions, and murders of thousands of Chileans. It has been found that almost 28,000 people were tortured during his rule, and there were over 3,200 disappearances and murders. The economy was in poor conditions due to inflation.. In 1989, Pinochet it was wondered whether he should remain in power. He retired from office in Jan. 1990, and Patricio Aylwin took his place. Slowly, the country and ecomomy began to improve. Pinochet had kept his post as army commander in chief after his dictatorship and finally resigned March 1998. In Oct. of 1998, he was arrested and held in England on an extradition charge put out by a Spanish judge who searched for Pinochet due to his major involvment with the disappearances of the thousands of Spanish citizens during his rule in Chile. His extradition was denied and Pinochet returned to Chile in March of 2000. Dec. 2006, he died at age the age of 91. he never faced trial for the abuses of his 17-year dictatorship, but the country of Chile was, at last rid of him.