Children of the Rosary 8

St. Raphael ~ St Maximillian Kolbe ~ St. Francis De Sales ~ St. Paul ~ St. Don Bosco The Seventh Commandment A Soldier of Misfortune - Page 3 St. Therese of Liseux - Page 7 In the beginning, God said to man, “Replenish the earth, and subdue it. Have dominion over the fish The Measure of Life - Page 9 of the sea, over the birds of the air, and over every ...and much more! living thing that moves on the earth.” (Gen. 1:28) God entrusted the earth and its resources to all of us - to take care of them, master them by labor, and enjoy their fruits. The goods of creation are destined for everyone in the world. However, the earth is divided up among men to assure the security of their lives. Poverty can put this security in danger, which is why we need to distribute our goods accordingly. The ownership of land and other goods lawful for guaranteeing the freedom and dignity of persons and for helping each of them to meet his basic needs and the needs of those in his charge. It should allow for a natural union to develop between men. The right to private property, earned or received in a just way, does not do away with the original gift of the earth to the whole of mankind. Continued on Page 2... 1