Childhelpers Fall Edition 2017

CHILDHELPERS Fall 2017 GREATEST NEEDS LIST q New server for CA Village q Wireless internet access for Group Homes q Server for Merv Griffin Village q Telephone FOUNDERS’ MESSAGE A Heartfelt ‘Thank You’ for Being on This Journey With Us Since we began our journey together in 1959, we have seen countless miracles take place when a child is rescued with love, nurtured with care, and inspired by hope. The work we do is rarely easy. However, the only thing that remains impossible is to look into the eyes of a child who needs our help and do nothing. Every child deserves the right to be free from abuse and neglect in order to reach his or her ultimate potential. That’s where we can make a difference each day. This issue of Childhelpers is dedicated to our amazing staff and volunteers who have helped us save more than 10 million children from abuse and neglect. The children that come to Childhelp have experienced immeasurable pain and hurt. They are saddled with intense, uncontrollable emotions: bewilderment, anger and guilt to frustration, worry and fear. Childhelp’s incredible staff meet these children exactly where they are — without judgment — knowing that unconditional love is the only thing that can change their lives. And even though it sometimes takes weeks or months to finally reach a breakthrough, Childhelp staff work tirelessly to lift up these children so they ultimately realize there is life after abuse ... and that life can be good. We are so humbled and grateful that Childhelp has shepherded millions of children to safety with God’s help — and with the support of our dedicated staff and wonderful people like you. Thank you for sustaining Childhelp with your time, energy and financial support. You are what makes this organization such an amazing, one-of-a-kind resource for abused and neglected children nationwide. For the love of a child, Sara O’Meara Chairman & CEO Co-Founder Yvonne Fedderson President Co-Founder Systems for Merv Griffin Village Centrally controlled wireless for each CA Group Home q Centralized printing for CA Group Homes q New desktop computers for Alice C. Tyler Village q Telephone system upgrade for Alice C. Tyler Village q Monitoring room equipment for teen center at Childhelp Children’s Center of Arizona q Wireless access and telephone upgrade for TN programs q Mail services migration to Office 365 for Childhelp For questions or more information on these and other pressing needs, please contact Michael Medoro at