Childhelpers Summer Edition 2016

CHILDHELPERS Summer 2016 GREATEST NEEDS LIST • New server for CA Village • Wireless internet access for Group Homes • VA Group Home furniture FOUNDERS’ MESSAGE There are no “throwaway” children Every child deserves the right to be free from abuse and neglect in order to reach his or her ultimate potential. That’s the promise we make to children and families we serve at Childhelp — and it’s a promise you help us keep with your support. Thanks to generous donors like you, we have shepherded more than 10 million children to safety since 1959. However, there are countless boys and girls experiencing abuse and neglect right now. Child abuse and neglect remains a disturbing national epidemic. We are the largest comprehensive child abuse agency in America. Together, in the weeks and months ahead, we can champion legislation to protect children and stop exploitation and trafficking. We can train thousands more teachers to recognize the signs of child abuse. We can build on our successes in prevention, education, intervention and treatment, and we can be ready 24/7 to help children and families when they need it most. We can do all of this and more with your unwavering support, and we must … because the five children who die each day as a result of child abuse is Five Too Many™. For the love of a child, • New siding for buildings at VA Village • Generator for VA Village • CA Cottage Refurbishment • Maintenance Equipment for CA properties (backhoe, bucket, mower, etc.) • Playground refurbishment for CA Village • Smart boards for CA classrooms • CA Village commercial kitchen appliances • Rehab TN Center playground equipment Sara O’Meara Chairman & CEO Co-Founder Yvonne Fedderson President Co-Founder • New carpet for TN advocacy center For questions or more information on these and other pressing needs, please contact Michael Medoro at