Chieftain May 2017

BROTHER RICE V OLUME 56, I SSUE 8 Chieftain S ENIOR E DITION Senior Letter Fellow Seniors, Like many assignments this semester, we relied on other people’s work to help us complete this. (Thanks to Beauregard, Farrar, Dybowski, Smith and the Class of 2016.) We say we will change up the words a little bit so we don’t get caught, but we’re even too lazy to do that. On a more serious note, this is an open letter to the Class of 2017. The Seniors on the Chieftain wanted to end our tenure at this wonderful newspaper with the only thing we really know how to write: a letter. We have achieved more than we could have imagined since we came here in 2013. Our class boasts a number of academic scholars who will go to some of the top colleges in the nation (see pp. 2-4). We had two National Merit Scholars and many other stu- dents who received academic accolades. We were a part of 11 state championships (Football x1, Hockey x2, Swimming x4, with Lacrosse x3 and counting.) It’s safe to say that our class has ac- complished a few things. One notable characteristic of the Class of 2017 has been our commitment to serving oth- ers. On mission trips to Bonita Springs, Brownsville, and Peru, we connected to and served others. After returning from his trip to Brownsville, Lorenzo Spagnuolo initiated a petition to the Governor of Texas to bring better treatment to immigrants there. Our class also helped found the Students Against De- structive Decisions Club, guided, of course, by Br. Weilatz. If there was one word to describe the experience of the Class of 2017, it would be “change.” In 2013, things were a lot differ- ent. Sodexo dominated the cafeteria, so pizza and fries could be purchased any day of the week. Classwork was done in notebooks; textbooks weighed down backpacks. Br. Segvich roamed the halls, hunting down kids who dared to not wear their IDs. The science wing was old and there were windows in the cafeteria. The school days were a whole twelve minutes shorter. Since then, we’ve been introduced to TruFoods, iPads, a new science wing, and an entirely new administration. Some of these changes were easy to adapt to. TruFoods was B R OTHE R R IC E H IG H S C H O O L C H I E F TA I N quickly accepted, bringing Arnold Palmers and cups of cof- fee to the students. The new science wing has been enjoyed by students and teachers alike (especially Mr. Nauman and Mr. Barnes). The introduction of the iPads last year, however, took some getting used to. We still struggle to resist the urge to play Flappy Golf or level up in Tap Baseball. In college, we may have to rediscover how to take notes with a pen and paper. The change that defi ned this year was in the administration. At the beginning of the year, the Senior class welcomed a new President, Principal, Vice Principal, and Dean of Student For- mation. The transition had its bumps, and the Senior class was vital in connect- ing the new administration to the student body. Our last year included many experiences that have brought us closer as a class. Kairos 64, 65, and 66 were incredible bonding op- portunities for the Class of 2017. Events like Paint the Roof, Field Day, and Water Wars were memorable. The bonds that we formed as brothers are strong and hopefully will last for many years. Coming into high school, it may have seemed that graduation was our destination. But over the last four years, we’ve learned that sometimes the journey is the destina- tion. May the Class of 2017 live on forever. And so on. To the Underclassmen: Hindsight is 20/20. It’s easy for us as Seniors to look back at our time at Rice and think of all the things we wish we had done. Do those things now; you still have time. Cherish your time at Rice. Work hard, play hard. Smile. GO ON KAIROS!!! And recognize how lucky you are to have the Brother Rice community in your life. And never forget, the best is yet to come. Until We Meet Again, P AGE 1 Jack Fitzpatrick, Nolan Geraghty, Ryan Israel & Billy Nienstedt Class of 2017 S E N I O R I S S U E 2017