Chieftain May 2018

BROTHER RICE V O L U M E 5 7, I S S U E 7 Chieftain S ENIOR E DITION Senior Letter Writing the Senior Letter is a bit- tersweet experience. Not wanting to do any work in your fi nal semester is a feeling everyone reading this will encounter. The hardest part of writ- ing the letter is looking back at your time at Brother Rice and realizing it is almost over. We have accomplished a lot during our time here. Brother Rice is a special place, and you truly cannot fi nd a better brotherhood in the world than you can here. Ever since our Freshman year, we Seniors have been overwhelmed with support from everyone that has walked these halls. We have witnessed our community do so many great things for others, both in good times and in trag- edy. The reason our school is so special is because there is always one constant that sticks with us every single day: building our relationship with God. Whether through our classes, morning prayer, mission trips, or Kairos, we continue to grow closer to God every day. By the way, everyone should go on Kairos, it will be the best time of your life. I’m sure none of the Seniors/Ju- niors that went on K67, K68, and K69 will tell you any different. There has been a lot of change since we fi rst walked through the door on our fi rst day almost four years ago. Administrative changes have brought a new look to our school. The fi rst two phases of the science wing have been completed and look fantastic. Plans are B R OTHE R R IC E H IG H S C H O O L C H I E F TA I N underway to start the renovation of the outdoor sporting facilities. We have said goodbye to administra- tors like Ms. Kenna and Ms. Jackson, just as we got to learn their names. We have welcomed Mr. O, Mr. Godwin, and Mr. Reidy. I’m sure we can all agree the school is in better hands with these folks running the show. But the great thing about our school is that, no matter what changes went on during our time here, we still maintained traditions and kept the brotherhood. Change is never easy, and sometimes it may not work out, but we can be confi dent that Brother Rice will maintain its great tradition while reach- ing new heights at the same time. Trying to capture all the moments and convey a message for the rest of the stu- dent body is diffi cult. If we were to offer one bit of advice to the underclassmen, it would be to enjoy every single second you are in the school. The days get long, you may be tired, or you might be ner- vous about the next class you have, but, through it all, you have a whole com- munity supporting you. Every teacher, P AGE 1 coach, administrator, and student wants you to succeed after you get your diploma. For the upcoming Sophomores, spend the extra 15 minutes a day reading Riker’s bio notes. It pays huge dividends. And take advantage of the study/lunch. For the upcoming Juniors, next year will be one of the hardest you’ll have to endure as a student, but keep working hard and fi gure out your priorities early because you do not want to fall behind. Lastly, to the upcoming Seniors, appreciate the little things that the school has to offer. You will miss it when you’re gone, and you’ll regret not cherishing the things that made you laugh each day. It is up to you guys to be mentors to the underclassmen and show them the way of excellence that Brother Rice expects from its students. Sing “A New Hallelujah” loud, and yell if someone in the cafeteria drops a tray. Thank you to everyone who has had a role in making Brother Rice a home away from home the last four years. We do not know where we would be if it weren’t for this great place, and we love it from the bottom of our hearts. Finally, RIP CRW. We love you and miss you more and more each day. Until we meet again, Sante Dybowski, Parker Landis, Sam Luttmann, Matthew McKay, and George Mamatas S E N I O R I S S U E 2018