Chieftain December 2017

BROTHER RICE V O L U M E 5 7, I S S U E 5 Chieftain D ECEMBER 2017 The Great Christmas Debate No Argument: Real Trees Are the Best By Sam Luttmann Chieftain Staff First off, this isn’t even a debate. Real Christmas trees are far superior. This reminds me of the “Home Alone” movie. I’m Kevin McAllister and you’re the goons trying to get into my house. It isn’t even close. I’m gonna squash you like a bug, Tommy, so saddle up. You can’t have Christmas without a real Christmas tree. Same as how you can’t have Buffalo Wild Wings without Colin Watts. It doesn’t make sense, and there’s no science behind it. Real Christ- mas trees give the season and the holiday real meaning and purpose. Nothing beats the awesome smell the tree gives the house. It makes the whole home smell like Christmas. If you use a fake Christmas tree, you might as well throw Christmas in the garbage and burn down the tree and all the presents because, guess what? You just ruined Christmas. CONGRATULA- TIONS! To me, nothing is better than sparking up a roaring fi re with your family and Please see REAL on Page 2 watching a good Christmas fi lm. Keep Nature Where it Belongs By D Thomas Shaffer Chieftain Staff I want to start this debate off by stating outright that Sam Luttmann is not sane. Whatever he says is invalid and up for review at all times. Alright, so the argu- ment that has been tossed around the Chieftain recently is the preference of a real tree or a fake tree. Personally, I prefer a fake tree, and I’ll get into the reasoning in the following paragraph, but I feel strongly about it. Luttmann be- rates me on my opinion daily now, and I want to share my outlook on the whole situation with our readers. Against the Please see FAKE on Page 2 Farewell 2017, it’s Been a Wild & Crazy Ride By Sante Dybowski Chieftain Staff As the pages of the calendar continue to fall off, the Chieftain wants to provide its annnual refl ection on the year that has passed. So take a moment to step back B R OTHE R R IC E H IG H S C H O O L C H I E F TA I N with us and look at what happened in 2017. Current Events Many things happened this year that no one ever expected to happen. We had P AGE 1 a record number of hurricanes this year. 2017 became the fi rst year in more than a century that ten storms reached hurricane strength. The most notable were Hurri- canes Irma and Harvey, which destroyed Please see 2017 on Page 3 D E C E M B E R 2017