Chieftain June 2018

BROTHER RICE V O L U M E 5 7, I S S U E 8 Chieftain New Offi cers Elected Shaffer, Donaldson and MacKenzie Chosen to lead student body in 2018-19 By Cole Gellatly Mr. Kalczysnki, who oversees the elec- Chieftain Staff tions each year. “Tommy was named as The close of every school year brings one of the top three on 87 percent of the excitement, joy, and the Presidential ballots [431 were cast].” election. This year, there were six great MacKenzie is a three-sport varsity ath- candidates from the Class of 2019. lete with a positive attitude that spreads After speeches to the school, the across the school. His attitude and love student body elected Tommy Shaffer for Brother Rice are some of the main as President and James MacKenzie and reasons he got elected. MacKenzie spends James Donaldson as Vice Presidents. much of his time either playing in or at- On May 24 in the gym, all six candi- tending sporting events. dates gave fan- “School spirit tastic speeches, has never been a including Char- problem here, but lie LaMarche, it can always get Jack McNish and better,” he said, Colin Watts. “so why not make Let’s get to it better?” know the people Finally, the we elected a little always-outgoing better. Donaldson will The school get done what favorite, Shaf- is needed. He is fer, is someone the only Junior everyone can captain of the La- talk to. He is one crosse team, and (L to R) MacKenzie, Shaffer, and Donaldson that speaks volumes of the nicest guys you will ever meet. He will do a great job about his leadership. This was on display listening and letting the administration in his speech, when he called out the know what we want. future Senior class, saying they need to “Ever since I was a Freshman I wanted bring the pride next year. to be President,” Shaffer said in his “Our class has a great grasp on what speech. “I wanted to get to know every legacy is all about,” he said. “I really single kid in this school.” want everyone, from top to bottom, to The results would indicate he’s accom- have a lot of pride in this school.” plishing his mission. Having these three men in charge can The voting “was basically a landslide only mean one thing: Brother Rice is compared to the last fi ve years we’ve stronger than ever. If that doesn’t fi re you been keeping track of the elections,” said up for next year, what will? B R OTHE R R IC E H IG H S C H O O L C H I E F TA I N P AGE 1 S UMMER 2018 What If Rice Had A Cabinet? These are the best guys To help the President By Bobby Kunz Chieftain Staff Every leader needs a supporting cast. Batman needs Robin, Han Solo needs Chewbacca. A President needs a cabinet of executives to assist, so what if our President had a cabinet of his own? Let’s look at some of the best options for a Brother Rice Presidential Cabinet. Attorney General, Joe Fortino: Pretty self-explanatory, but this is the head lawyer for the Presi- dent. This job requires somebody savvy, AG Joe Fortino smart, relentless, and outspoken. Fortino will stop at nothing to defend Brother Rice. Forget Fieger or Bernstein, Fortino is a one-man wreck- ing crew in the courthouse. Secretary of Agriculture, Michael Travis: This department is in charge of keeping our grounds clean, organized, and looking spiffy. From gardening to pesticides, this job isn’t for any slouch. Travis is an outdoorsman. He is profi - cient in bonsai-tree grooming, an advo- cate for preserving the earth, and will have our school grounds looking like a Please see CABINET on Page 3 J U N E 2018