Chieftain February 2018

BROTHER RICE V O L U M E 5 7, I S S U E 5 Chieftain F EBRUARY 2018 State of the School President Reidy on the mark in his address to the community By D Thomas Shaffer “Two words,” Junior Jack McNish said will be conquered in the near future. Chieftain Staff in an attempt to explain the new and He specifi cally mentioned the decrease The annual State of the School address improved vibe in the school. “Mr. O.” in enrollment, and the areas where we took place Jan. 18 in the need to focus mov- gym. President Reidy ing forward, such talked about the plans as public relations for the future, focusing and tuition assis- on replacing the new tance. football and lacrosse/ The school soccer fi elds, as well recently surveyed as the aspirations for alumni and other improvements in the supporters of academic building. Brother Rice, and Reidy opened with 92 percent com- a personal refl ection, mented that the stating that, 18 months school is “on the into his term as Presi- right track” to dent, he feels much achieving its ulti- more comfortable mate goal as “the than last year at this standard for Catho- time. Many students lic excellence.” would agree with the The new fi eld A rendering of the upgrades to the athletic fi elds, part of the school’s master plan fact that Brother Rice has renderings are what improved by light years over last year, at Reidy also commented on the chal- many were there to hear about, though. least from the perspective of brotherhood lenges Rice is currently facing, referring Debate arose when the Brother Rice and chemistry. to them as “headwinds,” and how they Please see SCHOOL on Page 2 Creepiest Mascot Ever Cupid is ruining Valentine’s Day By Sam Luttmann Chieftain Staff Cupid has offi cially ruined Valentine’s Day for everyone. He is the creepiest holiday mas- cot ever to disgrace the earth. What in the world is appealing about a baby in a diaper who can fl y around and shoot people with an arrow? In what culture is it OK for a grown man to run around the B R OTHE R R IC E H IG H S C H O O L C H I E F TA I N world in just a diaper? To me, it’s just plain disturbing, very off-putting, and creepy. Also, who in their right mind would give this creature arrows to shoot at people? Maybe it’s just me, but if some man-baby came to- ward me, fl ying through the air, with just a diaper and some arrows, I would break down on the fl oor crying for my mom. Please see CUPID on Page 2 P AGE 1 F E B R U A R Y 2018