Chieftain Thanksgiving 2018

BROTHER RICE V OLUME 59, ISSUE 2 Chieftain N OVEMBER 2018 Welcome To the A-Team Meet our best eaters For Thanksgiving Day New Turf on the Tick Athletic fi eld fi xes to be fi nished by Spring By Cole Gellatly Chieftain Staff It’s about time. Brother Rice is fi nally getting new turf for both Ambrose and Fracassa Fields. The fi rst synthetic turf fi elds were installed behind the school in 2005 and 2006, respectively. The replace- ment turf is about four years overdue, and the administration decided that now is the time to install new turf. Construction started on October 30. Many people are excited that Rice is making much-needed improvements on the fi elds, which were supposed to take place after the 2019 spring season. But the timetable now is to complete the projects before the 2019 spring season, allowing the spring teams to kick off the season on the brand new turf. According to the administration, Broth- er Rice had to raise about $1.5 million to pay for the new turf and track. Over the B R OTHE R R IC E H IG H S C H O O L C H I E F TA I N By Colin Watts Chieftain Staff Ah, Thanksgiving. My favorite day of the year. The most dominant holi- day ever made. From the Lions game to spending great time with family, Colin Watts summer, they raised enough to start the new track, which was outdated with torn- up patches everywhere. Thanksgiving is truly unlike any other The timing of the track seems a little day of the year. off, now that massive construction ve- Everyone knows that this day is hicles will be driving over it to work on mostly about attacking the food table, the turf. Also, track is a spring sport, so so we at the Chieftain have decided to they really did not need a new one for the choose three classmates here at Rice to fall. join me on a team that will take down Despite interruption to daily rou- the most Thanksgiving food ever in the tines, such as parking, some faculty and history of humanity. staff are just as excited as the students First up for the team is Joe Serra. about the new fi elds. “The front porch Maybe he’s not the person you would of Brother Rice are the fi elds,” said Mr. expect to go fi rst, but he eats like no Calcaterra, Athletic Director. other. Anyone who has hung out with Every home wants a good front porch this kid on the weekends really gets an appeal, and Mr. Calcaterra is excited up-close-and-personal look at what he about the remodel of ours. “The big thing can do around the grub. For the sake of for me is that Brother Rice is showing the team, we’re gonna give Joe the des- growth,” he said. “The fi elds happen to sert. With a world of doubters, Serra will be one of those components, and it’s See TURF on Page 2 P AGE 1 See A-TEAM on Page 2 N O V E M B E R 2018