Chieftain Senior Issue 2019

SPECIAL: SENIOR ISSUE BROTHER RICE V OLUME 58, I SSUE 8 Chieftain M AY 2019 Farewell Letter from the Seniors Well, we made it. It is extremely hard to believe that these four years are fi nally coming to a close. This letter is a cher- ished privilege in the Chieftain, so we want to make it as wholesome as possi- ble. Being a member of the Chieftain takes a lot of work, but it is more than worth it when we get to report on how much the school changes over the course of a four- year journey. Some changes are good, and we hope others are stepping stones for a bright future. Nevertheless, it has been an honor to be part of this incred- ible community and go to a school where many of us get to see our best friends and broth- ers every day. To the Class of 2019, this one is for you. For us. Our class has had one of the most unique experiences in Brother Rice history. Having four different princi- pals and two completely different admin- istrations can take its toll on a class, but that never seemed to happen to us. One of the things that makes Brother Rice so unique is the incredible brotherhood. We stuck together as a family, and that is a testament to the bond our grade has. We were also the fi rst class to have iPads all of our four years. We were the guinea pigs. The iPads have been great tools for learning. (And, no, gaming has never taken place on the iPads during the last four years. Never. Not once.) Things we used to dread, like an oral quiz in Mr. Filo’s class or singing the daily song in Profe McCarville’s class became part of our daily routines. We learned to embrace things that we prob- ably did not enjoy at fi rst. Persevering through classes we probably did not B R OTHE R R IC E H IG H S C H O O L C H I E F TA I N does go by faster than you could ever imagine. Take the time to greet your boys in the halls every day and spend as much time with each other as possible. Nothing compares to the bonds you build at Rice. To the guys wrapping up Junior year, fi nish this year on a strong note so you can cherish the time you have next year. You guys are fi nishing your toughest year of high school and, as grueling as it may have been at times, it will make you appreciate your Senior year even more. Set a good example for the younger guys. We are confi dent the school is being left in good hands with the current student body. To the rising Juniors, keep your heads up and maintain a good work ethic. Don’t stress out about our lives, we will always remember that anything, and understand that everyone Brother Rice is the people, not the place, is going through the same things as you and that is so fi tting for our grade. Well and you can rely on your guys to help done, boys. It has been a wild journey. you out. And set a good example, too. To the staff and students of Brother You’re running with the big dogs now. Rice, thank you for putting up with the To the hooligans going into Sophomore Chieftain’s antics over these last few year, you guys have a great class and a years. We know that bothering many of lot of guys who are already great leaders. you with various Chieftain segments has gotten irritating at times. And to those of Take what you learned this year and help out the incoming Freshmen with whatev- you who faithfully follow our esteemed er they need. You guys have a great time publication, you need to know the truth: ahead of you at Rice. The Chieftain is propaganda. Because Finally, as former Chieftain guru Ryan our content is censored, we cannot and should not be viewed as a credible source. Israel ‘17 put it, it is easy to look back on the things you wish you would have While we realize you Chieftain fans may done, so do those things while you still be troubled by this, we’re sorry, but you have the chance. Work hard, but have should have known what you were get- fun. Spend time with the guys. Go on ting yourselves into. KAIROS! And have the time of your lives. To the underclassmen, cherish every We can’t wait to see what Rice has in day you have at Brother Rice because, as many times as you have heard it, it really store for the future. think we would make it through made all of us realize we can be the Bill Gates of blue lines in whatever career paths we decide on. All it takes is the right mindset and the right people around you, which is so easy to do at a school like Brother Rice. Most of us are ready to pursue what life has in store for us, and that is a good thing, but Brother Rice has been a major facilitator in our lives, and everyone can attest to that. As we move forward in P AGE 1 S E N I O R I S S U E 2019