Chieftain June 2017 - Page 4

A Wrap-Up of the Spring Season All four teams active in the State Championship hunt By Sante Dybowski Chieftain Staff Baseball So far, Baseball has lived up to expec- tations this season. The Warriors defi nitely have built a strong team bond, and that shows on the fi eld. With leaders such as Junior Reese Trahey and Seniors Alex Kuster and Chris Faust, the team has showed that it can defi nitely compete in the playoffs. With this season already successful, the team will have momentum leading into next year, even after losing some key Senior leaders. State Championship might not be as re- alistic this year, these Warriors defi nitely will be a hard team to beat in the coming years. Golf Golf has had major success as of late and is defi nitely on the The Lacrosse Team celebrates after a goal vs. CC upward climb to being a State con- tender. Led by Senior Jack Rein- hart and Junior Quinn O’Leary, the squad Lacrosse has had great success this season after This team was supposed to be a a rebuilding year last year. With Coach roadblock for the Brother Rice Lacrosse Braisted stepping in as the new coach, the legacy, with major gaps to fi ll early from team looked to start fresh, and there is the 2016 squad. “I think the season has major potential in the future. Although a been a success so far,” Junior Connor I’m starting to buy into all the GOAT talk. Plus, his supporting cast is not the ’07 Cavs anymore. LeBron in 6 -Mr. Shaffer Javale McGee will average a double-double, picking up the points and the blocks. Warriors in 5 -Sante Dybowski B R OTHE R R IC E H IG H S C H O O L C H I E F TA I N P AGE 4 Marsh said. “We started the season a little slow, but we quickly adjusted to the chal- lenges we faced.” A statement win over Victor, which held the longest winning streak in the country with 50 wins, reestablished the Warriors as one of the elite programs in the Mid- west. Since then, the team won the Catholic League Championship against Catholi ɅԴ)́ɕѱ䁅ȁ(ѠMхє ͡ɽܸ)QɅ)Aəɵ́=хٕ)5̀͡Ё͍̤)55䀡յ)ѽаЁѡѡ)ѕ́ѡхəȴ)̸1Mɔ)5Ʌ)չȁ5QɕѤ)Mȁ-屔 ͡ѡх)ѕ́ѡЁѡ)хє5Ёɽٕٔѡ)յ̰ ɥѥ!啬ݡ)յͽɕɐشѕȁ)͡ݥЁхѕ̰ѡѕ́Ѽ)ѡմѼЁ啅ȸ)1 ɽ́ɕЁɅ) ́(M)]́ݥ1 ɽ-ɥ)ݥхٕȁѡ͕ɥ̸) ́( -չ)QՍ]ɥ͔́ݥ)Ёѡ ́ѡո)]ɥ́܀ɕ( ])LT44H