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Summertime Blues Some of us have to work this summer Ben Delusky Lumber yard associate True Value Lumber (Detroit) Fun Fact: Ben will be the yard’s youngest worker. Matteo Vitale Bus boy San Marino Club (Troy) Fun Fact: At San Marino Club, Matteo can eat for free. Nick Anton Wholesale fi dget spinner distributor Self-employed Fun Fact: Nick’s personal collection of fi dget spinners is worth over $200. Jackson Laird Mechanical intern Midas Car Shop (West Bloomfi eld) Fun Fact: The shop Jackson will be working at is run by two Brother Rice alumni. Chris Andoni Janitorial staff Shield’s Pizza (Troy) Fun Fact: Chris was supposed to do landscap- ing, but things don’t always pan out how we’d like them to. Reed Stuhlreyer Chair sales DTE Energy Music Theatre (Clarkston) Fun fact: As part of his job, Reed can at- tend any DTE concert for free. -Bobby Kunz Red Line Blue Line Trivia Questions with Mr. Filo 1.) What does it mean to you to be inducted into the Brother Rice Hall of Fame? Filo: I am humbled ... deeply touched ... and profoundly grateful to be so honored by Brother Rice High School. 2.) Are there any former Brother Rice teachers who you looked up to or tried to model your teaching cur- riculum after? Filo: Honestly, all of my Rice colleagues, both past and pres- ent, are a part of my teaching. I cannot imagine any school that has been or is more blessed with such brilliant and dedicated educators. They have inspired me, and continue to inspire me, to work harder, to become better. But there are two that note special men- tion. The “old people” here at Rice recog- nize the names of Mr. Mike Popson and Mr. Pat McDunn. Mr. Popson was a wonderful teacher, coach and administra- tor. He lived his life and encouraged his students to live theirs by a simple motto: God ... Family ... Brother Rice. I have tried to follow his example. And Mr. McDunn was a great Brother Rice English teacher Mr. McDunn who developed a curriculum and grading system which demanded deep thought, a rigorous and regular student work ethic, yet nurtured constant student improvement and was fun. A most diffi cult balancing act! It is the Philosopher’s Stone of Teaching. 3) True or False: Layers are the key to success in your Western Civ class. Filo: Layers are indeed one of the “obvious” secrets for academic success, and life in general. Obvious because we all know this and yet secret because so few are willing to act upon this knowledge. -D Shaffer 2017 Hall of Famers Chieftain Staff Managing Editors: D Shaffer Colin Watts Assistant Editors: Sante Dybowski Bobby Kunz *Contributors: Jack Fitzpatrick Nolan Geraghty Ryan Israel Billy Nienstedt B ROTHE R R I C E H IG H S C HO O L C H I E F TA I N & Mr. Filo Mike Cassidy Congratulations! P AGE 3 S U M M E R 2017