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And the Beat Goes On Staff picks for the Summer’s best concerts Eddie Money song, “A Tale of 2 Citiez,” from his previ- Cole Swindell, Dan Shay, Darius Rucker, Dierks Bentley and Miranda Lambert. May 26 at the DTE Energy Music Theatre ous album, “2014 Forest Hills Drive,” The festival will also feature some old- which was incredible. Cole’s concert this (Clarkston) school country bands, such as The Char- summer should be one to remember. I can’t think of many things that top -D Shaffer lie Daniels Band and Randy Rogers Band. DTE. Every year, Michigan native Eddie -Bobby Kunz Mahoney, better known as Ed- die Money, kicks off the sum- Big Sean mer at DTE. It is quite a popu- Aug. 6 at Lollapalooza lar occasion around the Brother (Chicago) Rice community. Is it the tickets Lollapalooza is one of the on the lawn that go for only most anticipated festivals of the $6? Or is it the great songs like year. In addition to big-name “Take Me Home Tonight” and artists such as Chance the Rap- “Two Tickets to Paradise”? One per and Russ, Big Sean is one of may never know. One thing we the most talked-about names in do know is that the 68-year-old the music industry today and singer-songwriter brings the will certainly put on a great house down every year at DTE Native son Big Sean is part of a star-studded cast at Lollapalooza show for his fans. The Detroit and is a great tradition to start native started his career in 2007, summer. when Kanye West signed him to -Colin Watts his record company, GOOD Music. Since Faster Horses Music Festival then, it has been nothing but success for June 21-23 at Michigan International J. Cole the 29-year-old. His album “I Decided,” Speedway (Brooklyn) July 23 at The Palace (Auburn Hills) released in February, has been a big suc- Faster Horses returns for its fi fth year, Although J. Cole’s album, “4 Your Eyez cess, and songs like “Bounce Back” and and this year has a chance to be the best Only,” didn’t necessarily live up to all the “Moves” are two of the top songs of the lineup yet. The three-day country music hype it was receiving prior to its release, year. Big Sean will perform in front of festival continues to grow and evolve it still has a few great songs that he will one of the largest crowds at the festival, every year. This year’s lineup will feature most likely perform incredibly while on and he will certainly give the fans what some of the top names in the country mu- stage. J. Cole’s concerts are notoriously they paid for. -Sante Dybowski sic world, with the likes of Luke Bryan, wild, especially when he performs the WINNERS Continued from Page 1 should look forward to a good 2017-18 school year with these three guys run- ning the show. Now, to get into their personalities a little bit. After giving an attention-grabbing speech through his excitement and posi- tivity, Marsh was elected by his fellow students as the President. Marsh is )ѡЁ́ЁI!ѥ)́ѡЁ݅́ɕ(Դ؁AɕͥЁ95 ɕ丁MԴ)́чЁ ɽѡȁIݡ)Ѽɥ5 ɕéͥѥ٥䁅)́ݽձͅѡЁ5͠ɽ)ɕ͕́ݡЁ́ɕͽȁѽ)ȸ)5͠ѥ䁥́)ݡɽ՝ЁЁՍ)I=Q!HH$  $ L !<<0 $Q$8)፥ѕи)!́Aɕͥ)͡ձѼ)ɕȸ)QݼY)Aɕͥ́ͼ)ɽɕ͕)ݡЁ ɽѡȁI)́Ёѡɽ՝)ѡᅵ)ѡ͕Ёٕ)丁)ͽݡ)չɍ͵)9܁ՑЁ̀ɽФ5͠1ɕ)Ѽѡ)ȁѠ́ѕѕ̴́́)䁡ȁ)ѕ̸1ɕ́ͽݡ)ѡ䁩ЁͽѼхѼ!)չɍ͵Ѽ)饹ͽ䰁ѡݱ)ѕɵ́́ѡѥ̸)ɹɽ́ɔѼЁٕݕ)Q͔ѡɕ́͡ձ)=ݽɐѼ͍ɥ1ɕ)ɕЁЁѡ͍ɥѡ)ȸ!́͡ݸ́хЁѡ)ѡѥ͕́́ЁɕЁᅵMȁ啅̸)@)LT44H