Chieftain June 2017

BROTHER RICE V OLUME 55, I SSUE 8 Chieftain S UMMER 2017 New Man, New Arena Students Principal calls job ‘pinnacle of my career’ Are the Winners By Colin Watts “I feel like this is where I belong at this Chieftain Staff time,” he told the Chieftain in an exclusive Before beginning a career in education, interview last week, in which he gave our Mr. Ed Okuniewski was tearing up the school very high praise. “This is the pin- hardwood across the pond in England. nacle of my career. Yes, you read that correctly: Our new “I’m pretty excited to say, ‘We Are Principal was a professional basketball Brother Rice.’ ” player. That phase of Mr. Okuniewski’s Like all of us, he knows that there have life is over, been some and he is now bumps in the ready to lead road recently, Brother Rice. but Mr. O is Before accept- ready to move ing the job as on, start his the Principal own legacy, at Rice, Mr. and smooth O was the out those Deputy Super- bumps in the intendent at road. He is Huron Valley already spend- Schools and ing time with L’Anse Creuse staff and get- Public Schools. ting to know He was also the school. a Principal at As for now, The Lamphere he doesn’t plan Schools and on making any an Associate big changes Principal in immediately, the Bloomfi eld saying, “I’ve Hills School heard some District. big-picture Mr. Okuni- things and, Mr. Okuniewski was hired as our new Principal in May right now, I ewski is no stranger to the plan on listening community. He attended Orchard Lake and learning.” St. Mary’s and also ran his own basketball The fact that some of us are getting to camp, known as “Eddie O’s Basketball know our third Principal in the past year Camp,” that many Brother Rice students might create some questions, but trust attended as younger kids. our Administration. This change should Okuniewski, who is set to take offi ce be good -- not only for us, but for the July 1, is very excited to begin his duties. future of Brother Rice. B R OTHE R R I C E H IG H S C H OO L C H I E F TA I N P AGE 1 Recently elected offi cers will be good for school By D Shaffer Chieftain Staff As Brother Rice closes the 2016-17 school year, a new Student Body Presi- dent has been elected, as well as two new Vice Presidents who will represent the student body. Your newly elected offi cers are President Connor Marsh and Vice Presi- dents Alex Denha and Michael Laurencelle. The three were elected from a panel of fi ve fi nal- ists, who gave speeches on May 19 to the student Connor Marsh body. The speech- es were nothing short of fantastic. The candidates whom the student body elected are all tremendous people, both in their academic and out-of-school en- deavors. It is safe to say that the school Please see WINNERS, Page 2 INSIDE A closer look at the top Summer concerts See Page 2 S U M M E R 2017